The rules are similar and the game is the same
How high do you set your goal bar?
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Come with us as we

explore instinctive

training methods for

young people . . .

10 Rules For Learning

Collaborate and learn - Foster a culture of learning by

sharing and listening to each other’s insights and


Engage in a game - Initiate a game activity as soon as

your team arrives to build rapport and enthusiasm

Prepare and prevent - Perform exercises to warm up

your body and mind for the task and reduce the risk

of injuries

Communicate respectfully - Use a calm and

courteous voice when addressing anyone and avoid

raising your voice

Recognize your team - Provide positive feedback and

compliments to every member of your team for their

efforts and achievements

Monitor and evaluate - Observe how your team

works, identify their strengths and areas for


Encourage and inspire - Motivate your team to try

new things, challenge themselves and have fun

Involve parents and friends - Invite them to join your

team, but ensure they follow the same rules and

treat everyone fairly

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